What to Do in Makassar: The Best Fun Things for Your Holiday

It will always be a very great idea for you to have a vacation in Makassar, Indonesia. It is because this remarkable city can be the perfect destination that will make your vacation in the city become so much more awesome and fabulous at once. On the other word, you will definitely find that the city of Makassar can really give you the excitements and entertainments that you need after all of the busy and boring time you have been through. Even better, it can be more marvelous as well if you do the various best fun things there. Then, there are several things of what to do in makassar that you can find out below.

Well, here are some of the best fun things of what to do in makassar that can suit your holiday in the city so well, such as:

  • Enjoy Bantimurung Waterfall

One of the great and fun things that you have to do in the city of Makassar is to enjoy the Bantimurung Waterfall which is located in the Bantimurung National Park. This tremendous waterfall has the natural slide which is the most favorite part among the people. There are so many kids, teenagers, and even adult that will try to glide in to the pond excitingly. Aside of that, you can also enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing views of that place. The greeneries that you can find near the waterfall will definitely please your eyes for sure. Then, the cool air and fresh water can really make you feel the more relaxed nuance. So then, you can refresh your body, mind, and soul as long as you spend your time there.

  • Taste the delicious traditional food

Furthermore, the next thing that you have to do when you are in Makassar is to taste the delicious traditional food. Fortunately, there are so many options of very traditional local delicious food that you have to try. Some of them are like Coto Makassar, Seafood, Jalangkote, Pisang Epe, Es Pisang Ijo, and so many more still. Basically, each of them will offer you the different flavors that can please your tongue nicely as they are cooked with the different local spices. Simply, you will definitely get so addicted to the traditional local food of Makassar once you have tasted it.Additionally, there are so many restaurants that you can choose whenever you want to get the special dish in the city. So, it will never be so difficult for you to get your favorite Makassar food wherever the places you visit in the city.

After putting it all together, all the activities above are some of the best fun thing that you better do when you have a vacation in Makassar. All of those things of what to do in makassarwill definitely be able to improve the enjoyments of your holiday in the most impressive way. So then, you will find that your vacation in the higher level that you have never imagined before.

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